Sigma Kappa

Chapter Officers

Chapter Officers

Alyssa Rios


Alyssa is Sigma Kappa's current Chapter President. She is in charge of overseeing all of the Executive Council, and ensuring that each position meets her yearly goals! Alyssa is an Early Childhood Education Major with a minor in Nonprofit Management. Her dream job would to be to work with children as a pre-school teacher or as a non-profit events planner for childrens hospitals She is from Orlando, FL and has previously served as the chapters Vice President of Philanthropy and Continuing Membership Chairman. Her favorite thing about Sigma Kappa is "watching each and everyone of my sisters personally grow in outstanding ways because of the affect Sigma Kappa has had on their own life."

Megan Swe

Vice President of Communications

Megan is our current Vice President of Communication for Sigma Kappa. She is in charge of communicating with our National Headquarters and updating the roster of our chapter’s members. She plans on graduating FAU with a bachelors degree in Hospitality Management. Some of her favorite things include cats, key lime pie, and burping. Megan is on her second term as Vice President of Communication and was also the chapter's Vice President of Membership. Megan is known for her bubbly personality and love for dance. "My favorite Sigma Kappa memory was winning Greek Week this past year. It was so much fun to see everyone come together and spend time with my sisters during this event."

Ally Smith

Vice President of Scholarship

Ally is our current Vice President of Scholarship. She is in charge of maintaining our chapter GPA and encouraging sisters to excel in their academics. She is currently a biology major with a minor in health administration and hopes to some day attend Medical School after graduating FAU. Some of her favorite things include, working out, spending late nights in the library, and learning all there is about Sigma Kappa. "My favorite thing about Sigma Kappa is the endless support my sisters give me. They constantly motivate me to be a better person and I could not ask for a better group of sisters."

Sarah Coleman

Vice President of New Member Education

Sarah Coleman is the Vice President of New Member Education. As the VPNME, her job is to help our new members adjust to being apart of sorority and college life. She teaches them all about Sigma Kappa's history, traditions, founders, and values. She explains to the new members how special Sigma Kappa is. She is majoring in Communications and minoring in Leadership and Nonprofit Management. Sarah is from Colorado and her favorite things are chacos & tacos.Sarah's favorite thing about ​S​igma ​K​appa is "the positive impact that our organization makes on the community. I love being apart of a sisterhood that constantly pushes to become a better version of myself."

Amanda Barbato

Vice President of Membership

Amanda is our current Vice President of Membership therefore she is in charge of all aspects of recruitment! Amanda is a current marketing major with a focus in advertisement, hoping to pursue a career creating advertisements for high end makeup companies or work for a magazine! She is originally from Webster, New York and has previously served as the chapter's Continuing Membership Chairman. Be sure to look out for her at the door during recruitment because she's ready to meet so many new girls and hopes that they love Sigma Kappa just as much as she does! Amanda's favorite thing about Sigma Kappa is "The opportunities I have had to meet so many people and how my sisters always push each other to be better versions of themselves!" In her free time you can catch her at the beach and taking cute pics for the gram! #LoveinSigmaFL

Samantha Hurley

Vice President of Programming

Sam is our Vice President of Programming. She plans our informal chapter meetings every other week and fills them with fun activities for our sisters. Her past positions in Sigma Kappa have been Vice President of Finance and Pearl Points Chair. She is from Port St. John, FL and would like to become an elementary teacher when she graduates from FAU. You can find her at her happiest when she's near the water or roaming around Disney. Her favorite things are country music, ice cream, and mac n cheese. She loves Sigma Kappa because of "All the memories I have created with my sisters and all the opportunities I have gained since becoming a member. Joining Sigma Kappa has brought me to my best friends and the best memories. I wouldn't trade being a Sigma Kappa for the world."

Dana Dobel

Executive Vice President

Dana is our Executive Vice President here at Sigma Kappa. She is in charge of making sure our sisters are held up to Sigma Kappa standards and spends time meeting with sisters to help them in any way she can! Previously she has served as the Vice President of Scholarship and Storage Unit Chair. When she’s not with her Sigma Kappa sisters in Boca Raton,FL she calls Jackson, Mississippi home. She is studying Marketing with a minor in Hospitality Management and hopes to one day work for a cruise line. She's passionate about many things in life but her favorite​s​ are Raw Juce and Bolay. Dana's favorite thing about Sigma Kappa is "Having a place that’s a home away from home, filled with awesome girls that contribute to the best college experience I could ever ask for!"

Rachel Velazquez

Vice President of Alum Relations

Rachel Velazquez is our Vice President of Alumnae Relations! As VPAR, Rachel communicates with chapter alumnae to coordinate and plan events, like Founder’s Day! She also writes newsletters for parents and alumnae, keeping them up to date on everything Kappa Phi! Rachel is a Sophomore at Florida Atlantic University studying Hospitality Management. She's obsessed with fashion and if she could eat tacos every day of her life, she would! She is originally from Long Island, New York but moved to Coral Springs, Florida when she was nine. Rachel’s favorite part of Sigma Kappa is “Seeing the loyalty that my sisters have towards one another and truly seeing all my sisters personally grow since joining!”

Elizabeth Clark

Panhellenic Delegate

This is Elizabeth our current Panhellenic Delegate for Sigma Kappa. She is in charge of planning fun events with other sororities on campus to bring together the greek community! She also represents Sigma Kappa as a whole in the Panhellenic Community and can be found saying "CPA is life". She is currently a Biology major and hopes to become an oceanographer after graduating from FAU. She loves art, scuba diving, and dancing. Elizabeth's favorite thing about Sigma Kappa is, “How welcomed I've felt since only being in the chapter since January 2017. Everyone in our chapter really does treat each other like actual sisters and it has made my college experience so much better."

Haley Lehman

Vice President of Finance

Haley is the Vice President of Finance. She is in charge of making sure sisters pay their dues on time and works with sisters to set up payment plans too! She is a junior studying accounting at Florida Atlantic. She plans to graduate with her CPA and continue on to law school to study corporate law. She is from Plantation, FL and loves country music. Her favorite part about Sigma Kappa is "Finding friends that I can call sisters and making amazing memories that I’ll never forget!